23 February 2023 Labelling and health warnings

Eurocare welcomes EU alcohol labelling go-ahead

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) is delighted the European Commission has left the way clear for alcohol product labelling in Europe respecting the public’s right to know about alcohol harm, having raised no objections to Ireland’s plans.

“The European Commission has shown the EU offers Member States the flexibility they need to inform their population about the risks of alcohol. This leaves the way open for other countries to follow Ireland’s lead in respecting its citizens' right to know about alcohol harm,” said Florence Berteletti, Secretary General of Eurocare. 

An overwhelming majority of the submissions to the EU TRIS consultation process on this matter supported Ireland’s plans, with opposition voiced solely from alcohol business interests. The people of Ireland are firmly behind the move with over 70% saying they have the right to be informed about the risks linked to alcohol.

Ireland’s labelling regulations for alcohol products (under Section 12 of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 require alcohol product labels to warn that: “Drinking alcohol causes liver disease”; show a symbol informing the public of the danger of alcohol consumption when pregnant; and say, “There is a direct link between alcohol and fatal cancers”. They must also carry the URL of the public health website ‘askaboutalcohol.ie’.

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