18 April 2024 News

Save the date: 2024 Annual General Meeting

We are happy to extend an invitation for our members to participate in Eurocare's Annual General Meeting. The AGM will serve as a precursor to an engaging high-level conference scheduled for the 27th and 28th of June. 

When?: 26th June, 09:30 – 17:30 CEST

Where?: Impact Hub - Slovenska cesta 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Preliminary Agenda* 

(as of 14 May 2024, could be subject to change)

*We kindly ask for your understanding that if your name is not yet listed as a speaker, it is not due to intentional oversight on our part, but rather because it takes some time to fully update the program on the website. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


  • Verification of regularity of meeting and appointment of chair of the meeting

Moderated by Peter Rice (Eurocare President)


  • Approval of the agenda

Moderated by Chair


  • Approval of the Minutes of the General Assembly 2023 

(some copies of the minutes will be available in the room)

Moderated by Chair


  • New Eurocare members
    •  Presentation by new Eurocare members
    • Vote

Presented by Florence Berteletti (Eurocare Secretary General)

Moderated by Chair





  • Eurocare finances
    • Presentation and approval of the 2023 accounts
    • Approval of the L&S registered auditors for the 2024 accounts
    • Approval of the 2024 budget
    • Approval of the 2025 budget

Presented by Sheila Gilheany (Eurocare Treasurer)


Coffee break



  • Eurocare Board Election
    • Number of full members in the room
    • Number of proxies
    • Voting procedure and quorum
    • Presentations of Candidates
    • Vote


Presented by Chair


Lunch break



  • Presentations from Eurocare members – Debate and open microphone

Moderated by Chair


  • Panel discussion with Medical Societies (Eurocare members)
    • What challenges and opportunities do you encounter when advocating for alcohol policy within your medical societies?
    • How would you describe the level of difficulty in getting your advocacy efforts taken seriously?"
    • Can you share how your medical society has successfully advocated for alcohol policy?
    • What specific strategies or approaches proved most effective?"
    • What role did Eurocare play in supporting your organisation’s efforts to advocate for alcohol policy?
    • Could you give examples of how Eurocare’s support was instrumental?
    • Could you suggest what Eurocare should/could do to help further?


Vice President of United European Gastroenterology (UEG) - Helena Cortez Pinto

Policy and Public Health Committee Member, EASL - Prof. Frank Murray 

Executive Director of the European Brain Council - Frederick Destrebecq

 14:15-15:00 Alcohol Communication Campaigns CEO of Alcohol Change UK - Richard Piper 
Executive Project Manager, Danish Cancer Society - Peter Dalum


  • History of EU Alcohol and Health Forum and consequences on national alcohol forum and development of alcohol national plans (Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal) – What are the current best practices?
    • Objectives of the session:
    • Briefly go through the history of the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, alongside the reasons and implications of its discontinuation and attempts to renew it.
    • Identify which European countries have active national alcohol forums.
    • Showcase how Dutch NGOs have withdrawn from their national alcohol forums and provide arguments to assist Eurocare members in withdrawing from their respective National Alcohol Forums (or platform)
    • Develop and propose new mechanisms or enhance existing ones for discussing and implementing national alcohol plans, ensuring they are effective.

Q&A from Eurocare Members

Director of the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP - Wim Van Dalen

Medical Doctor and Public Health Resident CATR - Francisca Pulido Valente

Vice President of United European Gastroenterology (UEG) - Helena Cortez Pinto

Technician & educator at Fundación Salud y Comunidad - Florencia Manns

Director of Univers Sante - Martin de Duve



  • European Parliament and Alcohol Policy
    • Ideas for the next EP – Intergroup on CDoH 
    • BECA Report (Emil Juslin)
    • NCD Report (Anamaria Suciu)
    • With Special guest MEP Sara Cerdas
    • Objectives of the session:
    • Describe the context in which these initiatives came to life and what was the intention behind  
    • Describe the process, the role of the civil society and WHO
    • Demonstrate the similarities between the mechanisms of influence and outcomes of both reports
    • Discuss the outcome, the influence of vested commercial interests and what are the implications for the future
    • Explore avenues for fighting the commercial determinants of health and putting population measures back on the agenda

Q&A from Eurocare Members

European Policy Officer at IOGT-NTO - Emil Juslin 

Advocacy and Project Coordinator at Eurocare - Anamaria Suciu 



Open Microphone with Eurocare members

Moderated by Chair


Any other business and closure of the meeting

Moderated by Chair