20 June 2022 Press Releases

European civil society makes first united call to curb alcohol harm

Check out the Oslo Declaration page for new updates. It contains translations of the Declaration into other languages, an updated list of supporters and more.

International organisations representing doctors, cancer patients, young people, researchers, public health and development advocates across Europe today issued the first ever united call for policy action to curb alcohol harm, The Oslo Declaration.

“The Oslo Declaration is a major step forward in combating harm caused by alcohol, showing the unity and resolve of those fighting for the broad public interest,” said Florence Berteletti, Secretary-General of the European Health Policy Alliance (Eurocare), a pan-European alliance of civil society organisations.

The declaration’s seven concrete policy recommendations include calls for:

- National and international action aligned with WHO best practice focussed on price, availability and marketing
- EU regulation reflecting strong public support for mandatory ingredient, nutrition declaration and warning labels
- National and EU government action to protect health policy-making from alcohol-industry interference
- National governments restriction or bans of marketing exposure to alcohol products.

The declaration, attached in full, was drafted and unanimously endorsed by an influential committee of European civil society organisations assembled by the Eurocare alliance. More organisations are set to add their weight to the declaration in the coming days.

Committee members (alphabetically): Addictions France, Alcohol Policy Network Europe, Eurocare, European Association for the Study of the Liver, FORUT, Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, Movendi, Norwegian Cancer Society, Standing Committee of European Doctors, United European Gastroenterology and Youth Health Organization.

Alcohol is Europe’s most harmful drug and among the leading causes of death, illness, disability, mental health problems, violence and economic hardship. All of these harms hit the less-well off the hardest.


Editor’s notes:
Eurocare is an alliance of non-governmental and public health organisations across Europe advocating for the prevention and reduction of alcohol- related harm. Member organisations are involved in advocacy and research, the provision of information and training on alcohol issues, and services for people whose lives are affected by alcohol problems. Eurocare’s mission is to promote policies that prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. Our message regarding alcohol consumption is that “less is better”. Eurocare is not affiliated to and does not receive any funding from the alcohol industry or any of its social aspect organisations.