15 December 2023 News

MEP Sara Cerdas Participates in the Alcohol Policy Coordination Meeting

She emphasised various strategies to advocate for public health to EU policymakers.

In our last Alcohol Policy Coordination Meeting (APCM) of 2023, MEP Sara Cerdas (Portugal / S&D) shared valuable insights with our members and partners on empowering civil society to champion public health initiatives within the realm of EU policy making.

  1. Engaging with MEPs: Sara Cerdas underscored the crucial role of consistent communication and meetings with MEPs. According to her, this is an important way through which public health advocates can truly influence decision-makers. Recognizing the, unfortunately, active approach of the food and alcohol industry lobby, she emphasized the need for us to elevate our efforts.

  2. Presenting evidence-based proposals: When reaching out to MEPs, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of supporting policies based in scientific evidence, she explained. It is essential to communicate that the science supporting these policies is unequivocal. Additionally, emphasizing that there is high popular support for public health initiatives, such as for example, a ban on alcohol advertisement, is also important.

  3. Economic arguments: When addressing EU policy makers, MEP Sara Cerdas explained that it is also very effective to remind MEPs that alcohol-related harm not only benefits public health but also has positive economic impacts—reducing healthcare and insurance costs while simultaneously boosting productivity and life expectancy.