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Let it hAPYN

»Let it hAPYN« project (April 2013 - June 2016) aims at reaching a better overview of good and bad practices of alcohol intervention programmes that are happening in youth organisations or that are applicable to youth organisations in Europe.

This will result in a better understanding of the youth sector and allow possible evidence-based best practices of alcohol interventions to be implemented in other youth organisations. By including youth organisations in the process, the project is giving a permanent added value to the whole youth sector.

On the website, you can find the products of the Let it hAPYN project which can be useful especially if you are coming from youth organisation and would like some help with working on the field of alcohol, however anyone with interest in alcohol and young people can benefit from it.

1) Report "Engagement of youth organisations in prevention interventions in the field of alcohol policy" Initial report of the project prepared by Institute UTRIP, assessing what are the interventions that are commonly done among youth organisations in Europe, as well as the effectiveness of various types of interventions.

2) Toolkit "How to implement an effective intervention to prevent alcohol-related harm? Tools for setting up an alcohol prevention good practice in a youth organization" Prepared by Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy, this is a toolkit aimed at youth workers who would like to initiate an intervention on the field of alcohol. Creating a good practice can be a challenging task, but this toolkit helps with first steps into this difficult field.

3&4) Toolkit "Handbook for Youth research for Compliance with Alcohol Age Limits and with Alcohol Marketing Regulations" - for Trainers and Youth Activists. Prepared by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy, these two toolkits introduce the topic of youth research for law enforcement to the field of youth organisations. Alcohol test purchasing and alcohol advertising monitoring are two of the areas which are new to the field of youth work, and these two toolkits give youth organisations step-by-step instruction on how to carry out such research.

5) Report "Alcohol Laws in Europe"The purpose of this report, prepared by APYN, is to explain alcohol policy and various alcohol laws in a simple way, as well as to provide quick guide to alcohol policy in an individual EU country for anyone that is interested and to facilitate access to information for young people who want to work with that policy.

6) A final publication including the "Manual with best practices on alcohol interventions in Youth Organizations"Check the final publication of the Let it hAPYN project including descriptions of best practices on alcohol interventions in youth organizations in Europe.

Project partners:
Alcohol Policy Youth Network - APYN - Website:
Institute for Alcohol Policy - STAP - Website:
Alcohol Policy Alliance- Website:

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