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Making the WHO European Region SAFER

1 in 10 adult deaths in the WHO European Region are attributable to alcohol. How can we build a WHO European Region free from harm due to alcohol?
WHO/Europe launches a SAFER report that provides guidance for countries to implement high-impact alcohol policies. The report presents the current status of alcohol consumption, alcohol-attributable harms and the implementation of alcohol control policies in the WHO European Region.

The online event also marks the launch of a SAFER WHO European Region initiative, which is aimed at supporting Member State to implement measures in these five action areas.

WHO/Europe will hold a virtual meeting to launch the report “Making the WHO European Region SAFER. Developments in alcohol control policies, 2010–2019” (English and Russian language versions). The report presents new data on alcohol-attributable harms and the implementation of alcohol control policies in 51 countries of the WHO European Region.

The launch event is open for registration and will bring together policy-makers, scientists, journalists and the general public.

Alcohol control: new findings
According to the report’s findings, although the WHO European Region has experienced an overall decrease in alcohol consumption levels, this trend is associated only with the progress achieved by a limited number of countries, mainly from the eastern part of the Region. Western Europe, including the European Union, has made little or no progress in this direction.
During the 15 April online launch, the authors of the report will present their findings and give an overview of effective policies that can significantly reduce alcohol-related health harm across the Region.
The event marks the launch of the SAFER WHO European Region initiative, which is aimed at supporting Member States to implement measures in the following 5 high-impact action areas:
strengthening restrictions on alcohol availability;
advancing and enforcing drink–driving countermeasures;
facilitating access to screening, brief interventions and treatment;e
nforcing bans or comprehensive restrictions on alcohol advertising, sponsorship and promotion;
raising prices on alcohol through excise taxes and pricing policies.

Confirmed speakers
Oleg Salagay, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Nino Berdzuli, Director, Division of Country Health Programmes, WHO/Europe
Carina Ferreira-Borges, ad interim Head of the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases; and Programme Manager, Alcohol and Illicit Drugs, WHO/Europe
Maristela Monteiro, Senior Advisor on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Dag Rekve, Senior Technical Officer, WHO
Katja Čič, Project Associate, International Youth Health Organization
Mariann Skar, Secretary General, European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)
Kristina Sperkova, President, Movendi International

Working languages
The working languages of the meeting will be English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Launch event timeline
13:00–15:00  Presentation of SAFER report and launch of SAFER WHO European Region initiative
15:00–15:15  Break
15:15–15:45  Q&A session for media

Registration is required to join this virtual launch. Please use the link below to register:

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