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International Conference on Alcohol Labelling, Helsinki, Finland

The conference has a status of being a supplementary event of Finland´s EU presidency. The objective is to encourage the European Commission (EC) and Parliament to align alcoholic beverages with other food products, by introduction of legislation for obligatory ingredients or nutritional information listing on alcoholic beverages.

Recording of the conference 

10.45 Arrival and registration
11.30 Lunch
12.30 Welcome
13.00 Panel I: What does the industry have to offer?
14.30 Coffee break
14.50 Panel II: What does society want?
16.30 Closing remarks

Rada Chehlarov, Unit SANTE E1, European Commission
Joao Onofre, Head of Unit AGRI G2, European Commission
Pierre Olivier Bergeron, Brewers of Europe  
Ulrich Adam, SpirtisEurope  
Ignacio Sanchez Recarte, CEEV
Mats-Eric Nilsson, Highlights from the journeys into non-existing châteaux, author of the book ‘’Chateau vadå’’
Björn Bernhardson, In Vino Veritas, pan-European petition
Juha Beurling-Pomoell, Director of Kuluttajaliitto Consumers Union Finland: Consumers expectations
Standing committee of the Doctors (CPME)

Conference press release

RightToKnow alcohol labelling video

Video from the Estonian presidency on alcohol labelling 2017

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