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COVID-19 and the Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders”.

The focus of this webinar is on FASD as an important preventable global health issue as well as on setting key priorities for Russia on FASD prevention. The webinar welcomes individuals with FASD and their families, policy makers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and social institutions. Dr. Elena Varavikoa will host the webinar from out her institute including technicians who can monitor the technical aspects of the presentation and discussion.
Dr. Oleg Salagay, Deputy MOH, Russia
Dr. Elena Varavikova (FRIHOI), Russia
Dr. Carina Ferreira-Borges (WHO)
Prof. dr. Ed Riley (USA)​
Dr. Diane Black (EUFASD)
Mariann Skar (Eurocare)
Dr. Sylvia Roozen (NL) & Dr. Leana Olivier (SA)

Contact person:
Dr. Sylvia Roozen

Maastricht University - Governor Kremers Centre
Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences
Department Health Promotion

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