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Brexit Battlegrounds: Where are public health and the alcohol industry likely to clash in the years ahead?

The Institute of Alcohol Studies has released a new report, it summarises the main ‘asks’ of industry and public health groups on alcohol policy post-Brexit, and identifies likely areas of conflict

It finds that:

  • Public health groups have made four main proposals, relating to 'carve outs' from future trade agreements, reforming alcohol duty, stricter labelling requirements and stronger marketing restrictions
  • Alcohol industry groups have more detailed and numerous demands, many of which simply maintain the status quo or do not have clear public health implications

The industry agenda needs particular scrutiny in the following three areas:

  • i) attempts to encourage tax competition and weaken regulation;
  • ii) attempts to increase industry policy influence, particularly over future trade negotiations;
  • iii) attempts to increase access to emerging markets.
    The full report  is available below and on the IAS blog

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