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In Vino Veritas sign a pan-European petition

In Vino Veritas is a pan-European petition which demands that alcoholic beverages in EU must declare ingredients just like all other food stuff.

Within the EU, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages do not need to tell you what they have put into the bottle.

All other food and beverages, on the other hand, must have detailed ingredients lists. In wine, for example, the manufacturers can use some 60 different additives and other substances, without them being declared on the bottle.

It all comes down to an EU decision in 1979 where they failed to decide the labelling rules for alcoholic beverages. And since then, they have left things as they are. Until now.
We hope.

The initiative originates from the Swedish consumer organisation Äkta vara, but all organisations representing consumers in the EU are welcome to support and spread the campaign.

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