cares labeling eurocare-s-view-and-recommendations-for-labelling

Eurocare’s view and recommendations for labelling

Eurocare calls on European and national decision and policy makers to work towards alignment of alcoholic beverages with Reg (EU) 1169/2011.

Eurocare is convinced that bringing alcohol packaging in line with non-alcoholic beverages would enhance consumer choice.

European Union Institutions are perfectly positioned to coordinate common efforts to inform consumers of the composition of alcoholic beverages.

Consumers would welcome more information on the bottle regarding potential substances with allergenic effects, composition and the number of calories and sugars contained in their drinks.Consumers will have the ability to exercise greater choice, they might start to seek out alcohol with fewer calories, or they might not.

But at least they will have the choice.

Eurocare is strongly convinced that the consumer has a right to make informed choices about the products they purchase, and it is the obligation of public institutions to enable them to exercise this right.

To ensure market coherence and not place some producers at competitive disadvantage, labelling rules should apply to the whole food industry.

Allowing the alcohol industry not to provide full information on the labels of their products is yet another missed opportunity.

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