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Eurocare to present EARAH 2018 award at the 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference

Eurocare will announce the winner of this year’s European Award for Reducing Alcohol Harm (EARAH) in November, during the 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference, hosted in Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The EARAH is presented every second year at the European Alcohol Policy Conference to a Member State, Region, City or Campaign that has made an outstanding investment in evidence-based actions to reduce alcohol-related harms.

The receiver of the EARAH 2016 was the Scottish Government. Read their reaction here.

It is intended that receipt of the EARAH award will be internationally recognised as marking the winners’ sustained commitment to evidence-based policy actions, delivering visible and measurable health improvements. The winner’s activities and achievements will be celebrated and publicised across Europe and beyond, so that others can learn from their experiences. Their message will be promoted to the public, including national and international policy makers, health advocates, the media and economic operators, to show that we can make progress in reducing alcohol-related harms and that we have evidence of this happening.

Please see details of the conference and book your place through this link: