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What has happened since - NordAN 2020 report

The Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN) has launched a new report on alcohol and drug policy developments in Nordic and Baltic countries.

Over the years, Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN) has been actively involved in various cases in different countries. They have sent many letters to the governments, parliaments and leading institutions to draw attention to the principles of evidence-based alcohol and drug policies and support their national member organisations in pushing for better decisions. Sometimes these interventions are just one-time actions.

As they have done a few times before, they are asking again – What has happened since then? This is a report by NordAN regarding some of the developments in the region.

Some of the cases the report takes a look at is: The changes in Lithuania`s alcohol policy, The liberation of Finland’s alcohol, The Norwegian Governments Oil Fund`s investments in companies related to marijuana production and taxation cuts on alcohol in Latvia and Estonia. 

"There is always something going on. Alcohol and drug policy fields are continuously evolving and changing. As always – some of these changes are positive which we are supporting. Others raise concern and require quick interventions".

To read the full report:

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