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Tournée Minérale: a month without alcohol in Belgium

After the overwhelming success of the previous years, De DrugLijn and the Foundation against Cancer are again joining forces for a new 'Tournée Minérale'. The campaign calls on all Belgians to say 'no' to alcohol in February, for the first time or again.

Alcohol: not an innocent product

A glass of wine with food, a pint after exercise, for many it is part of the routine. Yet there are a lot of risks involved. Alcohol, even if you drink little, affects almost all organs in the body and is related to about 200 different disorders.

To your health

So sign up and do not drink alcohol for a month. Your body gets the time to recuperate from your usual alcohol consumption. There are advantages: some people sleep better, others have more energy, you work on a healthier weight ... Many participants just feel better in their skin.

February without alcohol

February is again the alcohol-free month. And what for one! Surf to our website and challenge friends, go to a Tournée Minérale event (or let them know you organize one yourself) or discover delicious recipes.Take the challenge.
You will see: you do not need alcohol to amuse yourself.

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