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New alcohol guidelines in Germany

The Federal Center for Health Education in Berlin has developed a new guide to alcohol consumption in collaboration with the German Medical Association. The guideline is a medical manual for the prevention and treatment of risky, harmful and dependent consumption.

Daniela Ludwig, Federal Government Commissioner, explains that the guide will help doctors address critical alcohol consumption in practice and thus actively bring the topic of addiction out of the taboo zone. Addiction is not a stigma but an illness that can be treated. Even if the overall trend is declining, too many people are still drinking too much alcohol. That is why we must continue to offer prevention and help, free from prejudice or discrimination.

Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss, head of the Federal Center for Health Education, emphasizes:
"Alcohol is a cell poison, so there is no risk-free consumption. Every sip increases the risk of illness. As a medical doctor, it is particularly important to me to raise awareness that alcohol - even in small quantities - must not be played down. I am therefore very pleased that we can give our colleagues with the new advice guide support for patient discussions. It helps to address the difficult problems sensitively, to inform them and to support the dialogue. I want to thank the German Medical Association for good cooperation in the development of the guidelines".

Dr Klaus Reinhardt, President of the German Medical Association, says:
"General practitioners are often the first point of contact for their patients. You can, therefore, identify risky alcohol consumption early on. Short medical interventions, in many cases, lead to a significant reduction in alcohol consumption. However, the right address plays a crucial role in such a sensitive topic. Adequate medical sensitivity is required here. The guideline provides important support".

The new advisory material is aimed at resident and clinically active doctors. It provides recommendations and advice for a short medical intervention in order to influence the alcohol consumption behaviour of the patients positively. In addition to the guidelines, The Federal Center for Health Education BZgA offers a leaflet "Addressing alcohol consumption in patients. Excerpts from the medical manual with essential information.

The prevention campaign "Alcohol? Know your limit.” Pursues the goal of motivating people to use alcohol responsibly. Further information at:

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