cares alcohol-and-health better-monitoring-and-support-needed-to-accelerate-reductions-in-youth-drinking-and-binge-drinking

Better monitoring and support needed to accelerate reductions in youth drinking and binge drinking

A new WHO report presents an evaluation of progress on the Action Plan on Youth Drinking and on Heavy Episodic Drinking (Binge Drinking) (2014–2016). It points out that while important efforts have been made to reduce youth and binge drinking in the WHO European Region, better monitoring and support for implementing evidence-based policies are needed to accelerate progress.

Countries have increased regulations and established policies to discourage binge and underage alcohol consumption along the lines of the Action Plan. For example, several countries reported alcohol tax rises during the study period, and some implemented an increase in the legal age for purchasing spirits.

This suggests that the Action Plan’s clear framework for action at the European Union (EU) level, which can be reinforced by other valid strategies and action plans, has been beneficial.

For more information please see WHO Europe 

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