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ANPAA mobilized for the #LeDéfideJanvier

In January, nearly thirty associations and actors working in the field of addiction and health launch the January Challenge: a challenge that every French person is invited to take up after the festive season, to take a break from alcohol consumption and see the benefits for his or her body.

ANPAA supports and participates in this campaign, which is unique in France.

The principle of this social mobilisation, known in France as the "Défi de Janvier", comes to us from the United Kingdom where the Alcohol Change UK association has launched, with the Dry January campaign, the initiative of a break in alcohol consumption for the first time in 2013. Since then, 13 annual campaigns of this type have been deployed in several European countries. In France, a campaign based on the British model and prepared for a long time by Santé Publique France was finally cancelled. The Government's unexpected withdrawal led associations and health actors to organize themselves to propose a mobilization mechanism whose original form is based on voluntary work and makes it possible to raise awareness among the general public of the links that our society has with alcohol.

Why participate in the challenge?

The benefits of taking a break from alcohol consumption are multiple: improved quality of sleep, weight loss, savings, etc... Studies also show long-term benefits, because it only takes a few weeks to break a habit, with 72% of people participating in the experiment reducing their usual consumption during the year.The campaign is part of a positive and guilt-free dynamic. Everyone is free to take a break, lasting a month or less, depending on their ability and desire. If the first attempt is not conclusive, it is possible to repeat the experience at any time of the year . So, ready to take up the challenge?

For more information about the challenge and to find support, go to :
Twitter : @en_dry
Facebook: DryJanuaryEN
Instagram: dry_januaryen

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