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Alcohol industry lobbying in France

ANPAA publishes its second report on the practices of alcohol lobbies, which analyzes strategies implemented by the alcohol lobby to circumvent the Loi Evin and highlights the influence of this industry on public policies.

In 2016, the Court of Auditors alerted about the influence of alcohol lobbies in the political sphere which had for a long time countered any attempt to implement a public health policy that was effective in reducing alcohol consumption.

These practices are still relevant, 2018 was filled with series of initiatives led by all the alcohol - and especially wine - sectors which enjoys a ‘special understanding’ from the President of the French Republic.

At the heart of these initiatives is a strategy to position itself as a "prevention actor" with public authorities in order to be able to disseminate their own prevention messages, focusing solely on the individual responsibility of consumers. The impact of the environment on consumption (advertising, accessibility, price) is deliberately ignored, as is any proposal to introduce legally binding policy measures. However, wanting to be "prevention actors" and making youth a priority target for alcohol consumption (see article in Le Monde: The wine lobby to conquer young people) are two contradictory ambitions of the alcohol lobby.

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