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Who we are

Eurocare is an alliance of non-governmental and public health organisations with member organisations across European countries advocating the prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm in Europe.

Member organisations are involved in advocacy and research, as well as in the provision of information and training on alcohol issues and the service for people whose lives are affected by alcohol problems.

The mission of Eurocare is to promote policies to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. The message, in regard to alcohol consumption, is “less is better”.

Eurocare is not affiliated and does not receive any funding from the alcohol industry or any of its social aspect organisations.

Eurocare is registered in the European Transparency Register under number: 01546986656-22

Eurocare is a member of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and is a founding member of the European Alcohol and Health Forum. Eurocare participates in the European Commission's Health Policy Forum as well as DG AGRI Civil Society Dialogue group on Wine and DG TRADE Civil Society Dialogue meetings.

What we do

Eurocare has a Secretariat in Brussels, which acts as the central contact point for member organisations as well as other bodies concerned with alcohol related issues, including national and international press.

Eurocare's overall goal is to:

  • Raise awareness among European, national and regional decision makers of the harms caused by alcohol (social, health and economic burden) ensuring that these are taken into consideration in all relevant EU policy discussions
  • Promote the development and implementation of evidence-based policies aimed at effectively preventing and reducing this burden

To this aim, Eurocare:

  • Fosters cooperation among member organisations
  • Monitors all EU policy developments that have an impact on national alcohol policies
  • Engages in dialogue with decision makers
  • Seeks collaboration with non- governmental organisations sharing Eurocare's concerns
  • Carries out advocacy campaigns
  • Responds to consultations and developments through letters and position papers
  • Facilitates the collection, collation, analysis, dissemination and utilization of data on alcohol consumption and related harm within the EU and other Member States
  • Publishes reports on selected topics
  • Organizes meetings and conferences to promote and facilitate exchange of information, experience and good practice
  • Provides information and analysis through a website and a regular newsletter

Mission, vision and overall purpose of the organisation

Eurocare strives to be recognised as the leading NGO in alcohol related civil society dialogue and policy development in Europe.

Eurocare's vision is a Europe where alcohol related harm is no longer one of the leading risk factors for ill-health and premature death. This is a Europe where people no longer suffer from the drinking of others, and where the European Union and its Member States recognise the harm done by alcohol and apply effective policies to tackle it.
Eurocare’s core values:

  • That public health is more than basic medical care, and should be the core business of every government who has the responsibility to improve the well-being of its citizens (as mentioned in Article 168 TFEU).
  • Public health is a fundamental right as stated in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Good health is a key resource for social and economic development, meaning that people live longer and enjoy more healthy years of life.
  • Equality in health is vital for the cohesion of society: Eurocare recognises the remarkable improvements in public health in recent decades, but notes that there are still large differences between population groups, regions and countries.
  • The participation of civil society has been increasingly significant in shaping and delivering health outcomes at all levels.
  • Subsidiarity and diversity must be respected across national conditions in Europe that are very different.
  • The public good should not be jeopardised by commercial interests.
  • Recommended alcohol policies are based on best available evidence, and subsequently monitored and evaluated.

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) was created in 1990, as concerns grew over the impact of the single market on national alcohol policies. Throughout the 1990’s Eurocare published reports outlining the negative impact of alcohol consumption in Europe, but otherwise played a relatively limited advocacy role. At the time, health policy was not in the remit of the European Union, even though Community regulations such as those governing the internal market, trade, competition and agriculture in practice have an enormous impact on national and local health policies. Now the recognition of the importance of health issues is moving forwards on the European political agenda.

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