“Alcohol and Childhood Don’t Mix” Campaign

Earlier this month DrinkWise launched an investigation and uncovered a shocking truth – people in England are failing to protect their children from the negative effects of alcohol.


World Cup 2014 Alcohol Marketing Reached Millions of Children

In a report released last week, Alcohol Concern urges the UK government to consider whether the harms outweigh the benefits of alcohol marketing in sport.


Regulation of alcohol marketing in Latvia

Eurocare supports Latvia's draft legislation on alcohol marketing


Alcohol industry versus health ministry 2:0

FIFA World Cup 2014 should not be sponsored by alcohol industry.


Protection of minors in the digital era

Eurocare presented its concerns regarding alcohol marketing and social media at the conference organized under the Greek Presidency, 14.-15. April.


New regulation of marketing in Finland

Eurocare congratulates the Finnish Parliament with a new regulation on marketing which includes social media


Russia restricts alcohol marketing

In July, Russia implemented new regulations on alcohol marketing, and is planning to expand to a complete ban from January 1 2013.


Alcohol ads continue to sparkle in Lithuania

Vaida Liutkute from the Lithuanian Eurocare member Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition reports on the developments and political landscape after last year's discussion of introducing a marketing ban on alcoholic beverages.


EUROCARE member challenges Carlsberg over the promotion of alcohol in Denmark

The Danish football club, FC København (FCK), is being accused of marketing Carlsberg to Danish schools as part of their 2012 school tour.


Alcohol Industry v Health Ministry 1:0

Sport is not an arena for alcohol promotion


Football strongly associated with alcohol

European research institutes plea for a ban on sport sponsorship by the alcohol industry. Results from the project Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe (AMMIE) stress the need to implement a ban on sport sponsorship of alcohol brands in Europe.


Finland takes important steps to restrict alcohol marketing

Finland stands out as an important example for the other EU Member States” says Mariann Skar, Secretary General in European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)


Self-regulation is not an answer

Policy makers must not rely on self-regulation, but rather follow up through more statutory measures to protect the consumers.


European alcohol industry fails in protecting young people towards alcohol marketing

The final report from the Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe (AMMIE) project is released today. The conclusion brings important input to the discussion on self-regulation and alcohol marketing, and the research shows that the functioning of the so called self regulation of alcohol marketing does not protect young people against the exposure of alcohol commercials.


Alcohol consumption in movies affect young people’s drinking behaviour

New research published in Pediatrics gives us new knowledge and important insight on the link between alcohol exposure in movies and alcohol use in Europe


Finland next to adopt Loi Evin?

The Finnish Minister of Health and Social Services, Maria Guzenina-Richardson, has put forward plans to restrict alcohol marketing.


What makes young people drink less or more?

Source: Alcohol Policy Youth Network
APYN in April 2011 initiated a study on the Impact of Marketing, Price and Availability of Alcohol on Young People’s Consumption levels.


The President of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Parliament do not want a ban of alcohol advertisement

“Biggest shame to Lithuania”, says the Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition