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Alcohol Beverage Industry

Eurocare Papers

The Beverage Alcohol Industry's Social Aspects Organisations - A Public Health Warning

A report by Dr Peter Anderson, Public Health Consultant to Eurocare (March 2003)

Eurocare report on Alcohol Market Trends

April 2009.

Alcohol trends – markets and innovations This report has been prepared by Anders Ulstein (member of the Board) on behalf of Eurocare using the Business Insights 2008/9 reports.

Relevant Documents

NAD's issue on the Alcohol Industry

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

V o l . 2 3, 2 0 0 6 ( 6 ) , Helsinki

The Alcohol Industry and Alcohol Policy

Peter Anderson, Independent Consultant in Public Health
February 2007.



Europe under the influence

Carrying on from his in vestigation into the lobbying activities of the alcohol industry in the UK, Jonathan Gornall finds that the industry is using similar tactics to influence Europe’s alcohol policy.


Drinks industry supplanting government role in alcohol policies in Sub-Saharan Africa

The drinks industry has usurped the role of the national governments and drafted the national alcohol strategies of several Sub-Saharan countries[1] with the aim of safeguarding its own economic interests.