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Publications and Resources

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa - MAMPA Project

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa - MAMPA Project is a report released by the Africa Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO). The study on alcohol marketing was commissioned by the WHO Regional Office for Africa in 2010.


Global Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance is a developing network of non-government organizations and people working in public health agencies who share information on alcohol issues and advocate evidence-based alcohol policies.


IOGT International

IOGT International is a worldwide community of non-governmental organisations. The aim of IOGT International is the liberation of peoples of the world leading to a richer, freer and more rewarding life. As a means of attaining this aim, IOGT International promotes a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.


FORUT, Campaign for Development and Solidarity

FORUT, Campaign for Development and Solidarity, is a Norwegian NGO in field of development aid. Since 1981 FORUT has been involved in development assistance in Africa and Asia. FORUT has a special emphasis on alcohol and drugs as a cause of poverty and hindrance to development.


Alcohol Drugs and Development- ADD

Alcohol, Drugs and Development, is the name of a development program by FORUT; The Norwegian Campaign for Development and Solidarity. ADD is a global program within FORUT, in the sense that it involves all countries with FORUT activities and also FORUT action on the international level.


World Medical Association

As an organization promoting the highest possible standards of medical ethics, the WMA provides ethical guidance to physicians through its Declarations, Resolutions and Statements. These also help to guide National Medical Associations, governments and international organizations throughout the world.


The Asia Pacific Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Asia Pacific Alcohol Policy Alliance is a network of NGOs committed to the development of effective alcohol policy in the Asia Pacific region.


United Nations Development Programme

UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone