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What's not on the bottle? Eurocare Reflection on Alcohol Labelling (Sep 2014)

In this paper Eurocare has compiled the key elements of how a comprehensive labelling in the EU should look like. This paper provides a useful brief background of the state of play of alcohol labelling in the EU, from the public health perspective.

What is in your bottle? Alcohol Ingredients Labelling (Dec 13)

Eurocare considers that labelling should be part of comprehensive strategy to provide information and educate consumers about alcohol and should be part of integrated policies and programmes to reduce the harm done by alcohol.
Consumers have the right to know the ingredients contained in alcoholic beverages they drink.
Eurocare would like to call on the European decision and policy makers to work towards prompt inclusion of a list of ingredients, nutritional information (kcal) and health information on the labels

Eurocare Second Library of Health Warning Labels (Dec 12)

Eurocare believes there is a public health interest in informing consumers, by means of labels, of the dangers and health risks associated to the consumption of alcohol. These messages would be a symbolic statement concerning the nature of the product and a low cost reminder that alcohol consumption has some risks.

In this document, you will find a number of sample labels that can be used as a basis for a more elaborated library.

Road Safety

Drinking and Driving in Europe

A Eurocare report to the European Union (June 2003)


Joint Policy Paper on the prevention of injuries and accidents related to alcohol

November 2009

In this policy statement, twelve European umbrella organisations point at alcohol as the major risk factor for accidents, injuries and violence and issue some alcohol policy recommendations to reduce the burden of alcohol related harm.

Health problems related to alcohol consumption

Response to the WHO consultative document on health problems related to alcohol consumption (September 2006)

The Alcohol Industry

Eurocare report on Alcohol Market Trends

April 2009.

Alcohol trends – markets and innovations This report has been prepared by Anders Ulstein (member of the Board) on behalf of Eurocare using the Business Insights 2008/9 reports.

The Beverage Alcohol Industry's Social Aspects Organisations - A Public Health Warning

A report by Dr Peter Anderson, Public Health Consultant to Eurocare (March 2003)