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Second Library of Health Warning Labels

December 2012

It is Eurocare’s wish that this proposal will serve as a starting point for much needed discussion around labelling of alcoholic beverages in the European Union (EU).

Reducing and preventing alcohol related harm - a shared responsibility

The World Health Organization, Europe kindly offered the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) to organize a workshop on ― Preventing and reducing alcohol related harm – a shared responsibility and this report includes presentations from that workshop as well as some background for further debate.

Preliminary library of alcohol health information and warning labels

In this document, you will find a number of sample labels developed by Eurocare (in cooperation with design company) that can be used as a basis for a more elaborate library. It is our hope that this initial proposal will serve as a starting point for a much needed discussion

Alcohol Problems in the Family

A joint project of EUROCARE and COFACE (Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union). We are grateful to European Commission Directorate General V for financial support of the project.

Marketing Alcohol to Young People

A brochure produced and presented at the WHO Ministerial Conference on Young People and Alcohol in Stockholm from 19-21 February 2001.

Counterbalancing the Drinks Industry

A summary of the Eurocare report to the European Union on Alcohol Policy.

A Summary of Alcohol Policy and The Public Good

Published by Oxford University Press is association with WHO Europe 1994. Alcohol Policy and The Public Good was written by a team of seventeen international scientists led by Professor Griffith Edwards.

Medical Education in Alcohol and Alcohol Problems

An important study of under- and post graduate medical training in alcohol problems. Commissioned by Merck Lipha S.A. in France, and published by Eurocare.

Alcohol Projects Database

This database brings together projects, publications, as well as selected websites in the field of tackling alcohol related harm. It enables users to easily access accumulated knowledge and information, directly and indirectly related to alcohol policy.

The database has received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme

Country Profiles

Click on the country of your choice to learn more about the alcohol policy and statistics in that country.

European Alcohol Data Map

As its commitment to the European Commission Alcohol and Health Forum, IAS (Institute of Alcohol Studies) has created a Data Map of English language, trans-European surveys that include questions about alcohol consumption and related matters.

Database of alcohol regulations

The Ministry of Health in Switzerland has developed a new database of alcohol policy regulations around Europe.

The database aims to provide an overview of alcohol policy regulations in selected European countries and to enable cross-country comparisons. It features only those measures drawn from the national legislation. By clicking on a country, a list of its alcohol regulations will appear. Clicking on a specific indicator makes it possible to compare regulations across countries. An explanatory text appears when the mouse is moved over the selected indicator.

The database is available in three languages, including English.

Follow the link below to access the database: