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Alcohol Labelling, Brussels, 28th September

On 28th September, guests were invited to attend a panel convened by Jytte Guteland MEP and European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare). The focus of the lunch event was the labelling of alcoholic beverages.

The panel found that the labelling of alcoholic beverages should be more comprehensive. In 2011 EU Regulation 1169/2011 obliged food and soft drinks including fruit juice and milk to label nutritional information and ingredients, but exempted alcoholic beverages above 1.2% ABV.

Listing ingredients contained in a beverage alerts the consumer to the presence of any potentially harmful substances. More importantly, providing nutritional information such as energy content allows consumers to monitor their diets better, and makes it easier to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Panellists discussed ingredients that currently go unmentioned on labels, the alcohol industry's capacity for self-regulation and the consumer desire for transparency.

Politicians, healthcare and industry officials agreed that the labelling of alcoholic beverages should be aligned with other food products.

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