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Eurocare and Members to join the EC's Alcohol and Health Forum

Brussels, 7 June 2007. Today marks the launch of the European Commission's ‘Alcohol and Health Forum', a multistakeholder platform bringing together civil society and businesses pledging to take action to reduce alcohol related harm in Europe. Eurocare welcomes the action oriented remit of the Forum and is committed to fully supporting DG Sanco, whose work has been pivotal in firmly establishing alcohol on the EU political agenda. We hope that all European alcohol producers and retailers will participate in the Forum, and commit to evidence based actions, thus explicitly recognising their responsibilities towards curbing alcohol related harm in Europe, in particular among young people.


European Commission releases Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol

Eurocare welcomes public support for Alcohol Strategy

Brussels, 14 March 2007. Eurocare welcomes the Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol, released today by the European Commission, and hopes the survey will be repeated at regular intervals in order to, amongst other things, measure the success of the EU Alcohol Strategy in reducing the harm done by alcohol in Europe.


People or profits: Who's being served?

On 25 October what will the Commission decide?

Leading public health agencies and non-governmental organizations in Europe are calling on the European Commission to resist alcohol industry pressure to abandon its alcohol harm reduction strategy.


Landmark EU report shows the full burden of alcohol in Europe

Each year alcohol kills 115.000 people in Europe and costs 125 billion euros to EU society. This is equivalent to 1.3% GDP.

Brussels, 1 June 2006:A 400 page report analysing the health, social and economic impact of alcohol in Europe, has been released today by the European Commission, setting out the scientific evidence that will inform the Commission's first-ever strategy on alcohol due out later this year.