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Press Releases

In this section you can access and download Eurocare press releases


European Alcohol Policy Alliance warmly welcomes the New European Code Against Cancer

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) congratulates the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the European Commission on the release of the updated 4th edition of the European Code Against Cancer, and hopes that the combined efforts of all stakeholders will lead to a significant reduction in cancer cases.


What’s not on the bottle? Public health organisations call on the European Commission to label alcoholic drinks

On the 10th September in the European Parliament (Brussels) public health experts will be calling the European Commission to make changes to alcohol labelling legislation and allow consumers to make truly informed choices.


Why is the EU wasting tax payers’ money in wine subsidies?

The EU needs to reflect on its wine subsidies and stop wasting tax payers’ money

For years public health organisations have questioned the use of Common Agricultural Policy money for the promotion of wine and especially funding of the Wine in Moderation and similar programmes.


Alcohol industry versus health ministry 2:0 (12.06.2014)

FIFA World Cup 2014 should not be sponsored by alcohol industry.


Calories we forget to count- alcoholic drinks

On the European Obesity Day (17th May), Eurocare warns people not to let extra calories sneak up on them through calorific alcoholic drinks.


Drink driving kills – 5,600 deaths could be saved. European Road Safety Day

9th May is the European Road Safety Day. 5.600 deaths could be prevented annually by eliminating drink driving.


Alcohol Minimum Unit Price case to be decided by European courts

The Court of Session, Scotland's supreme civil court, has referred today the Scottish Alcohol Minimum Unit Price (MUP) for a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice of the European Union. This follows an appeal from the alcohol industry to the last year’s verdict on the matter.


Opening the door to alcohol industry lobbying - what’s wrong with the new WHO policy proposals

WHO has published a draft proposal for a set Framework and set of policies to address its engagement with Non Sate Actors (NSAs[i]). Member States are being invited to discuss these proposals at WHO’s HQ in Geneva on 27th and 28th March. Public Interest NGOs are not invited.


Joint Statement: Tackling alcohol related harm requires better actions

Why the public health community is disappointed with the European Parliament resolution on EU Alcohol Strategy


Alcohol and Cancer- the forgotten link

The World Health Organisation has warned about the growing burden of cancer at an alarming pace and emphasised the urgent implementation of efficient prevention strategies.


High hopes for future alcohol policy in the EU

European Alcohol Policy Alliance warmly welcomes the proposed Action Plan from the European Commission. We expect a comprehensive Action Plan building on the guidance given by World Health Organisation Europe 2012 – 2020, with specific targeted actions that are regularly monitored.


Alcohol charities fear conflict of interest

A key civil servant who has been part of a team responsible for the implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in Scotland has been confirmed as the incoming Chief Executive of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).


UK Government bows to industry pressure and abandons plans for minimum alcohol price

Britain’s Government has yesterday announced that it will not be taking forward proposals to introduce MUP at this time, but it would be legislating to ban sales below the cost of duty plus VAT.


Cheaper beer in Denmark – How many lives will be lost?

The Danish government cut the beer tax by 15% on the 1 July and made alcohol more affordable for not only its own population, but also the neighboring countries like Sweden and Norway (that have higher taxes).