Alcohol in the Headlines

Eurocare monitors news articles about alcohol, and every week a number of articles will be uploaded here.

Australia - Australian businesses lose $6 billion in productivity to workplace drug and alcohol issues, report warns (8.7.13)

Australian businesses are being urged to act now to counter the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, with experts saying businesses are losing more than $6 billion annually in lost produ

Norway - Tough liquor laws retain support (3.7.13)

Even though Norwegians crowd into the tax-free shops at local airports and flock over the border to buy cheaper wine and liquor in Sweden, they apparently want to hang on to their restrictive wine

Scotland - Fears pensioners ‘drinking themselves to death’ (3.7.13)

PENSIONERS in Scotland are drinking themselves to death as doctors try to combat an “epidemic” of alcohol abuse amongst the elderly.

UK - Sunbathing and alcohol cause cancer rates to soar: Unhealthy lifestyles blamed for huge rises in past decade (28.6.13)

Sunbathing has been blamed for a massive surge in cancer rates over the past ten years. Cancers caused by unhealthy lifestyles, such as drinking and smoking, have seen a rise of up to two-thirds i

Wales - Online shopping children drink worry, says Alcohol Concern Cymru (1.7.13)

Significant numbers of children and young people in Wales are using online supermarket grocery services in order to buy alcohol, warns Alcohol Concern Cymru.

Russia - Legal vodka production falls by one-third in Russia (24.6.13)

Production of Vodka decreased by 30% in May after the market was flooded with illegally made product following a rise in excise duty earlier this year.

Turkey - Turkey passes bill restricting alcohol sales, ads (24.6.13)

Turkey's Parliament has passed legislation to ban all advertising of alcohol and tighten restrictions on sales in the mainly Muslim but secular country.

Latvia - Alcohol buyers under the age of 25 will be required to present Ids (20.6.13)

The Latvian Saeima has approved amendments to the Alcohol Circulation Law that will limit alcohol consumption rates among young people. Amendments state that buyers of alcoholic drinks who are 18 t

Lithuania - Prime Minister: Excise increase on light alcoholic beverages will not encourage smuggling (13.6.13)

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said that the Government’s provisioned increase of excise rate on light alcoholic beverages will not be an excuse to encourage smuggling, the Ba

Finland – Restriction on alcohol advertisement on cards (11.6.13)

The Health and Social Services Minister, Susanna Huovinen, on Monday said that the authorities have successfully been able to bring down alcohol consumption in the country by 10 per cent in recent

Ireland - Sport booze ban plan gets rejected by Dail committee

The Government’s plans to ban alcohol companies sponsoring sports games took a blow yesterday as a Dail committee rejected the proposals.

Chech Republic - Police pushing for ban on online alcohol sales (12.6.13)

The police are pushing for a ban on the sale of alcohol over the internet in the Czech Republic, which last year saw dozens of deaths caused by illegally produced spirits.

Ireland - Varadkar aims to delay alcohol sponsor ban (11.6.13)

CONTROVERSIAL proposals to ban alcohol sponsorships of sporting events are to be discussed by ministers next week, writes Fiach Kelly.

UK - One in three designated drivers drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel (10.6.13)

Perhaps call that taxi after all - new research has has found that more than one in three designated drivers have had a drink and most had blood-alcohol levels high enough to affect their driving.

UK - One for the road? The hidden risks of roadside alcohol availability (5.6.13)

In the UK, you can purchase and drink alcohol in bars, restaurants, cafes, at the cinema, at the theatre and on planes and trains. However, how often have you had the urge for a pint while driving