Alcohol in the Headlines

Eurocare monitors news articles about alcohol, and every week a number of articles will be uploaded here.

United- kingdom - Largest ever alcohol awareness initiative is launched

The Publican - The largest school alcohol awareness initiative in the country is taking place today, with over 1,000 seven to 13 year-old students taking part.

United-Kingdom - Binge drinking is ‘harmful' to the NHS

Khaleej Times (UK) - Binge drinking amongst Britons is causing severe strains on the National Health Service (NHS) with over £3 billion spent over the past year on alcohol-related problems.

United-Kingdom - Millions more classed as danger drinkers - In recognition of the increasing strength of drinks and larger measures, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced its f

United-States - Fetal Alcohol Exposure May Prime Offspring for Alcoholism

US News and World Report - Rats exposed to alcohol while still in the womb learn to like the substance and are more drawn to it as young rats, a new study shows.

United-Kingdom - 'Give binge-drinkers free condoms'

The Press Association - Condoms should be given away free in pubs to binge-drinkers, experts have said. Britain's drinking culture is contributing to a rise in sexually transmitted infection

United-Kingdom - The acute effects of alcohol on auditory thresholds

Audio-INfos - There is very little knowledge about alcohol-induced hearing loss. Alcohol consumption and tolerance to loud noise is a well observed phenomenon as seen in the Western world wh

United-Kingdom - The British Are Guzzling 30% More Alcohol Than Previously Thought

Medical News Today - British people are consuming about one third more alcohol than previous estimates had calculated, mainly because there are more stronger beers, ciders and wines on the m

European Union - European Union officials investigate safety of Pfizer's anti-smoking drug

International Herald Tribune - Following reports of depression and suicide in patients taking the anti-smoking drug Champix, the European Union's medicine authority has begun investigating i

Finland - Slight fall in Finnish alcohol consumption –Stakes

Newsroom Finland - The consumption of alcohol has fallen slightly, but the damage caused by heavy drinking in recent years is still being felt in Finland, the National Research and Developme

Iceland - Iceland sees highest increase in drinking

IceNews - The 2007 report from the OECD indicates that Icelanders have increased their consumption of alcohol by 65% since 1980, the highest level of all members in the organisation.


Poland - Polish Catholics see red over Red Bull Christmas adverts

Ecumenical News International - Poland's Roman Catholic church has demanded the withdrawal of a pre-Christmas TV advertisement which shows a "fourth Wise Man" presenting the infant

Alcoholics can still suffer heart problems after kicking the habit

Earthtimes - Alcoholics remain at a heightened risk of cardiological problems even after kicking the habit, due to damage to their autonomic nervous sy

United-Kingdom - Revealed: Brown's secret summit to beat binge drinking

The Independent - A Downing Street meeting on 'the harm caused by problematic alcohol consumption' drew 27 top doctors, campaigners, business chiefs and ministers.

The World's Hardest-Drinking Countries

Forbes - Yes, all but one of the World's 15 Heaviest-Drinking Countries are in Europe, a continent where cultural traditions--and tax policies on alcohol--die hard.

United-States - New study identifies four major motivators to drink alcohol

Penn Sate Live - Most high school seniors drink because they want to experiment with alcohol, some drink for the thrill of it, and others because it helps them relax. A new study finds that