Alcohol in the Headlines

Eurocare monitors news articles about alcohol, and every week a number of articles will be uploaded here.

Lithuania- Health Ministry proposes further restrictions of alcohol ads (27.09.13)

Lithuania's Health Ministry has registered amendments to impose further restrictions on advertising alcohol, Lietuvos Žinios daily reports.

Denmark- Many Danes feel pressured into drinking (27.09.13)

More than half of all Danes feel they need to justify saying no to alcohol, according to a new survey conducted by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

Russia- How Alcohol Conquered Russia (25.09.13)

A history of the country’s struggle with alcoholism, and why the government has done so little about it.

Sweden- Early-Onset Dementia Linked To Alcohol (18.09.13)

In this nationwide cohort study, researchers identify nine risk factors for dementia that could be traced to adolescence, suggesting strong opportunities for early intervention.

Sweden- Home delivery of alcohol to expand (16.09.13)

Home delivery of alchohol from state-owned alcohol retailer Systembolaget, a service which was initiated on a trial basis about one year ago, will be extended and made available in four provinces,

Bulgaria - No excise tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol in 2014 (16.09.13)

Bulgaria's Deputy Finance Minister Lyudmila Petkova has confirmed that there will be no excise tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol in 2014, despite a European Union directive that cigarette exc

Sweden - Tax increases expected on alcohol (14.09.13)

Sweden to increase taxes on alcohol - that is, taxes on wine and beer to go up by seven percent and the tax on spirits and very strong alcohol is to increased by a percentage point according to com

Ireland - Move to tackle cheap alcohol sales 'on way' (13.09.13)

NEW government policy is being drawn up to tackle the type of alcohol that is "too freely available at too low a cost", said Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

Turkey- PM refutes charge of intervention in lifestyles through alcohol restrictions (12.09.13)

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today refuted claims that the government was interfering in peop

UK- Europe's 'addictions capital' (02.09.13)

The UK has become the drug and alcohol "addictions capital of Europe", a think tank has warned.

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Scotland- Alcohol-related fatalities fall 13% (28.08.13)

THE number of people in Scotland dying from alcohol-related diseases has fallen to its lowest level since the 1990s.

Sweden- Alcohol tax to rise 13 per cent? (30.08.13)

The Swedish government may increase tax on alcohol by 13 per cent, financial paper Dagens Industri reports, citing TV4.

The proposed tax hike - part of ongoing discussions on

Iceland- The financial crash reduced smoking and alcohol consumption (01.09.13)

“The study aims to find out whether and how the economic crash influenced alcohol and tobacco consumption, specifically considering changes in the labour market, i.e. the reduction in the number

Turkey - Removal of alcohol logos from shop signs to hit Turkish vendors in pocket (14.8.13)

Craftsmen and restaurant owners in Turkey are concerned about a law that forces all retailers to remove alcoholic beverage logos and advertiesements from their signboards until September.

UK - Health ministers want to take the alcohol out of wine (13.8.13)

Ministers have become so concerned about levels of wine drinking among the middle classes that they have launched a campaign across Europe to redefine “wine” to include drinks that contain litt