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The Swedish people want to stop alcohol advertising

Source: IOGT-NTO

A new survey shows that 8 out of 10 Swedes support the Swedish ban on televised alcohol advertisement.

Despite this public support, a number of TV channels continuously circumvents the ban by broadcasting from abroad.

The survey carried out in May 2011 showed that 80% of the Swedish population supports a ban on alcohol advertising on television, an increase of 7% compared to data taken 2009. Almost as many think that the Swedish broadcasters are wrong when permitting alcohol advertisement considering it is against the law.

Televised alcohol advertisement is not allowed in Sweden, but since 2003 a number of TV channels have circumvented the Swedish Alcohol Act by broadcasting from the UK.

-"It is unbelievable that televised alcohol advertisement continues to be broadcasted, even though there is a strong public opinion against it. It is provocative that they obviously ignore the Swedish laws", says Anna Carlstedt, President of IOGT-NTO Sweden.

In April 2011, IOGT-NTO Sweden filed a complaint with the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Broadcasting Authority concerning 32 companies who have broadcasted or produced alcohol advertisements for the television medium targeting a Swedish audience.

- "Research shows that alcohol marketing increases the likelihood of children and adolescents starting to use alcohol at an early age, as well as drinking more if they are already using alcohol. We hope that our complaint will lead to the same result as the opinion of the Swedish people: a television free of alcohol advertising", says Anna Carlstedt.