Science Group

Commission Services have drafted a Task Request for the Science Group of the Forum, regarding scientific advice on "The impact of marketing communication on the volume and patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially by young people".

Members of the Forum have been invited to send comments on this request, which should be formally published soon.

The Science Group has a mandate to:

- provide scientific guidance to the members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

- offer guidance on monitoring/evaluation and, on the basis of output from monitoring, as to areas where action by Forum members would have potential for reducing alcohol-related harm, and the forms of action

- provide in-depth analyses of key issues identified by the European Alcohol and Health Forum.

The Full list of experts of the Science Group can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/health/ph_determinants/life_style/alcohol/Forum/alcohol_science_group_en.htm