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Launch of EUCAM, the European Alcohol Marketing Monitoring Centre

Faced by the mounting evidence on the effect alcohol marketing has in increasing the use of alcohol among young people, a number of European public health NGOs have decided to join forces to set up the 1st European alcohol marketing monitoring centre: EUCAM.

EUCAM will monitor the marketing activities of the alcohol industry and disseminate information on the impact of advertising.

Visitors to their new website can find all the available information about the impact of alcohol marketing, a collection of alcohol advertisements, information about alcohol marketing regulations at national and EU level, information about the current trends in alcohol marketing and news relating to this topic.

Alcohol Marketing Conference. Brussels, 20 – 21 November 2008

On 20 - 21 November, EUCAM will organize its first conference on alcohol marketing in Europe. The conference is aimed at all those NGOs and Public Health NGOs who are interested in having alcohol marketing regulated in their country.

The conference will take place in Brussels and will offer an updated overview of scientific studies on the effects of alcohol marketing; information on the new trends in alcohol marketing and the existing marketing regulations. Workshops on how to monitor alcohol marketing effectively will be as well organised.

For more information contact the organisers at

This month, EUCAM has published three new trend reports:

  1. "Women-The new market"
  1. “Drinks with a boost: Alcoholic energy"
  1. "Alcohol marketed as Healthy products"

Electronic copies of these reports can be found at .

Hard copies can be ordered from . Price: 10 euros each.

For more information visit