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Mid-Term review of the White Paper on Transport

Last 22 June the Commission published a Communication "Keep Europe moving - Sustainable mobility for our continent": a mid-term review of the European Commission's Transport White Paper from 2001.

On Road Safety the communication states:

“The target of halving the number of deaths in the period 2001 to 2010 remains valid. It will require concerted action to further improve vehicle design and technology (including technologies for accident avoidance and vehicle infrastructure co-operation “e-Safety”), road infrastructure and driver behaviour, as reflected in the conclusions of the CARS 21 group. The target will only be met by a joint effort involving governments at all levels, the car and motorway construction industries, infrastructure managers and road users themselves. An annual road safety day, supported by the publication of the yearly figures on road safety in each of the Member States, would raise awareness and encourage the exchange of best practice.

- Action: implement an integrated approach to road safety which targets vehicle design and technology, infrastructure and behaviour, including regulation where needed; organize awareness efforts, annual road safety day; continuously review and complete safety rules in all other modes; strengthening the functioning of the European safety agencies and gradually extend their safety-related tasks.”

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