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Rome Mayor bans alcohol from streets and piazzas on summer evenings

"We don't want the Roman summer evenings to be ruined by episodes linked to excessive consumption of alcohol," said mayor Virginia Raggi in a statement.

The stricter regulations over the sale and consumption of alcohol in the Italian capital came into force at the weekend, with notices put up across the city in four languages.

Similar bans have been put in place in previous years, however this year's is considerably tougher. A total of 14 of the city's 15 municipalities are affected, with the ban in place from 10pm until 7am, this includes the historic centre, Monti, Trastevere, Testaccio, Prati, and San Lorenzo.

From 10pm, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks in glass containers on public streets, while from midnight onwards, the ban extends to any outdoor consumption of alcohol, no matter what the container. Anyone caught flouting the new regulation could face a fine of €150, while for business-owners selling alcohol after the time limit, that fine increases to €280.

Selling alcohol drinks to take away, for example from off licences or supermarkets, is banned from 10pm onwards, while from 2am, it is also forbidden to serve beverages containing alcohol - even in indoor bars and clubs.

Raggi urged shop owners to print out and display the text of the ban, and urged holidaymakers and locals to continue to "enjoy themselves with a sense of responsibility". The order will remain in place until the end of October.

During the first weekend with the ban in place, over 500 checks were carried out, police said, and 37 fines were issued on Saturday alone.