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New recommendations on alcohol consumption in France

What is drinking in moderation? How much alcohol consumption has a real adverse effect on health? Many studies provide variable answers, the WHO message encompasses them all in less is better message in terms of alcohol consumption.

However, a group of French experts from the Public Health Agency France and the National Institute against Cancer recently released updated recommendations.

These recommendations are drawn based on the adverse effects of alcohol consumption on health. It is a cause of morbidity and mortality, it can lead to cancers of the aero digestive tract, cardiovascular diseases and many others.

Experts advise both men and women not to consume more than 10 drinks a week and 2 drinks a day, and also have days without alcohol in the week.

To find out more: Avis d'experts relatif à l'évolution du discours public en matière de consommation d'alcool en France organisé par Santé publique France et l'Institut national du cancer