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Eurocare specifies what should be on the bottle

Eurocare has outlined what should be on the alcohol labels, while waiting for the industry self-regulatory proposal.

Eurocare is very disappointed with the leaked draft to Politico that alcohol producers will ask their customers to just go online and try to figure out the composition of their drinks.

Eurocare is still hopeful that the industry self-regulatory proposal will include all the recommendations in this paper.

The European Commission should only consider an industry proposal acceptable if it fully aligns with Reg (EU) 1169/2011, meaning:

• Provision of information on the bottles in form of labels; • Provision of information per 100ml, additionally information per serving size can be included

• Covering the whole sector, not proposing different labelling regimes for wine, beer and spirits

• Nutrition declaration composed of:

- Energy value (kJ/kcal)

- Fat (g)

- Saturated fat (g)

- Carbohydrates (g)

- Sugars (g)

- Proteins (g)

- Salt (g)

• Ingredients in descending order of weight

• Name and address of the food business operator

• Minimum durability date (for alcoholic beverages of less than 10% abv)

• Lot number

• Allergens

• Alcoholic strength

• Net quantity



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