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Do the fruity beers change the market?

Traditionally a fermented beverage that is made from grain, is a beer, and if it is made from fruit other than apples or pears, it is a wine. What about the increasing number of fruity beers on the market these days?

Are these fruity beers increasing the alcohol consumption among young drinkers? Do women favour these tastes? You can imagine there are some drinkers that are looking for alcoholic drinks that do not necessarily taste like alcohol, preferring more flavours that ape those of popular sodas and fruit drinks. Younger drinkers tend to favour sugary drinks, is this a new way of appealing to the underage market?

Fruit-flavoured brews are nothing new. But, the pace at which fruit-fueled ales are hitting the market these days far outpaces that of more-recent memory.

Eurocare is calling for more research in this market – who is the target audience and does it increase the number of drinkers?