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CNAPA meeting minutes published

The most recent CNAPA meeting took place on the 21st & 22nd March 2017, the minutes of which have been made public.

At the meeting topics discussed ranged from developments on the Forum, recent developments related to alcohol and chronic diseases as well as major working areas to tackle alcohol related harm 2017-2020. Also on the agenda was the Action Plan on Youth Drinking and Heavy Episodic Drinking, collaboration with Joint Research Centre and health related issues of the Estonian Presidency.

Regarding the Forum, the minutes show the Commission’s proposal to revive the Forum under a new working methodology. The Commission proposes to reinforce the ambition and rigour of the Forum commitments and the steering of the structured dialogue and action.

The Member States' public health authorities (through CNAPA), the Steering Group for Promotion and Prevention, and the Health Council will provide increased policy guidance to the Forum. Commitments made by the Forum will need a clear link to WHO agreed objectives and UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the Forum, dialogues will be based on areas identified by CNAPA and by relevant documents of the Steering Group on Promotion and Prevention and of the Health Council.

The minutes suggest that the Forum will comprise two chambers, with one for NGOs, professional and scientific organisations and the other for economic operators. These chambers will meet separately but will occasionally meet jointly. As in the past, CNAPA members are invited to participate in Forum meetings.

Moreover, the priority working areas of CNAPA for 2017-2020 were agreed, with CNAPA documented as supporting the proposed improvements to the Forum by SANTE and agreed on its future role therein. Support is also noted for SANTE’s work in revising the AVMSD and both Directives on excise duties. Furthermore, an extension until 2020 was agreed for the Action Plan on Youth Drinking and on Heavy Episodic Drinking 2014-2016.

The next CNAPA meeting is due to take place in Luxembourg on 7-8th November

The minutes in full are available here: