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Eurocare Updates


Austria: Media campaign ‘Moderation means more fun'

The Fund for a Healthy Austria has launched a nation-wide information campaign on youth and alcohol under the slogan Moderation Means More Fun!.


Second Eurocare Bridging the Gap Conference. Helsinki 20-22 November 2006.

The Second Eurocare Bridging the Gap Conference will take place in Helsinki on the 20-22 November 2006.


Commission drops legal action against UK policy to prevent booze cruises

Last 28 June the European Commission decided to close the case against the United Kingdom over its application of EU law relating to excise duties on tobacco and alcohol.


Commission Communication on Actions for a Safer Europe

On the 23rd of June, the European Commission adopted a Communication and Action Plan with the aim of reducing the burden of accidents and injuries which are the fourth major cause of death in the EU.


The Commission proposal for a radical reform of the wine sector

The European Commission unveiled on 22 June its proposal for a reform of the EU wine sector. In this proposal the Commission contemplates four options for reform, and expresses a clear preference for a profound reform specific to the wine sector.


Mid-Term review of the White Paper on Transport

Last 22 June the Commission published a Communication "Keep Europe moving - Sustainable mobility for our continent": a mid-term review of the European Commission's Transport White Paper from 2001.


Second Pathways for Health meeting in Paris (21 and 22 June)

The second “Pathways For Health” meeting took place in Paris on the 21 and 22 of June. The meeting was organised by the French Ministry of Health, SFA and ANPA. Twenty five participants from all over Europe discussed the three main topics of the project: Binge drinking, drink driving and labelling of alcoholic beverages.


Intergroup meeting in Strasbourg on the Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF)

On 14 December 2005, the European Commission released a proposal to revise the Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF). The aim of the directive is to regulate television broadcasting in Europe, including advertising. The provision of measures on alcohol and the protection of minors is an important part of the directive.


Germany: The FIFA World Cup promotes excessive alcohol consumption

By the end of the Football World Championships, the Germans could be champions in drinking alcohol.


European Parliament: Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Brussels, 1-2 June Public Hearing at the European Parliament on the revised EU Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF). To view the issues that were discussed during the hearing click here.