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European Parliament resolution on European Road Safety Action Programme - mid-term review

The European Parliament adopted in 18 January 2007 a resolution on the European Road Safety Action Programme.


2nd Eurocare Bridging the Gap Conference in Helsinki: Alcohol Experts Bridging Gaps

The Eurocare Bridging the Gap conference, held in Helsinki in November, brought together alcohol experts, researchers, NGOs, policy makers and program implementers from across Europe. The common interest of the conference guests was to move forward on the alcohol agenda.


Call for an EU-wide zero alcohol limit for new and professional commercial drivers

In a bid to tackle drink-driving, members of the Parliament's Transport Committee attempted to pass a report recommending that the Commission propose an EU-wide upper limit of 0.5% for blood alcohol levels for all drivers and 0,2% for young drivers. A number of MEPs also suggested a zero alcohol limit for new drivers and professional drivers involved in passenger transport. But, these amendments were rejected in a vote on 22 November 2006.


UK – Alcohol risk to babies

A new study has revealed that up to 18,000 British babies a year are born damaged because their mothers drank in pregnancy. This figure represents three per cent of all births what has prompted calls for legislation to persuade mums-to-be not to drink.


EU Alcohol Strategy

On 30 November, the Council of the EU adopted its conclusions on the EU strategy to support Member States in combating alcohol-related harm that the European Commission released on October 24th this year.


Duty-free allowances for travel from third countries

On 28 November, The Ministers of finances of the EU reached political agreement on a proposal regarding duty-free allowances on goods carried by persons entering the European Union from third countries.


European Court of Justice ruling on excise duties

Luxembourg, 23 November. The European Court of justice has ruled that only products acquired by private individuals for their own use and transported personally by the private individual that purchased them are exempt from excise duty in the member state of importation.


EU finance chiefs postpone the decision on alcohol tax hike

On Tuesday 13 November, the EU Finance Ministers failed to agree to the European Commission's proposal to raise the minimum rates of excise duty on alcohol.


WHO's new Director General: Dr Margaret Chan

On 9 November Dr Margaret Chan was appointed Director-General of the World Health Organisation.


Request to support an Amendment to ban alcohol adverts on TV before 9.00 p.m.

The 1989 Television without Frontiers Directive is currently being revised and updated to deal with the digital media environment. The legislation sets the rules for media service providers on advertising, sponsorship, product placement.

Eurocare and other public health NGOs have been tracking the updated version of the TV without Frontiers Directive, now known as the Audiovisual Directive. One of the key principles in the proposed Directive is protection of children and minors from harmful content.