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Agriculture Commissioner ignores health again in CAP reform ideas

Mariann Fischer Boel, the European Commissioner for Agriculture, has set out her preliminary vision of reforms to EU Common Agricultural policies


EU to request WTO to set up a dispute panel on India's import duties on alcohol

Brussels, 26 March 2007. The EU has notified the World Trade Organisation that it intends to request the establishment of a dispute settlement panel to rule on the legality of India's import duties for wine and spirits.


European Commission releases Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol

The European Commission released last 14 March a Eurobarometer Special Report analysing EU's citizens alcohol drinking habits and their attitudes towards measures taken to combat the harm done by alcohol.


European Parliament report on Corporate Social Responsibility: European companies must be more socially responsible

Brussels, 13 March. The European Parliament has adopted a report in response to the Commission communication on corporate social responsibility (CSR) published in March 2006.


Alcohol and Health Forum: NGO Roundtable

The first Alcohol and Health Forum roundtable meeting, hosted by the European Commission, and chaired by Robert Madelin, Director General for Health and Consumer Protection took place on 7 March, with a number of NGOs present.


Ireland - 60% of pregnant women drink alcohol

reland, 2 March. More than 60 per cent of women continue to drink alcohol while pregnant, according to a new survey.


European Parliament resolution on the reform of the common organisation of the market in wine

Last February the European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drawn up by Katerina Batzeli (PES, Greece) on the reform of the common organisation of the market in wine. The report adopted by 484 votes in favour to 129 against with 24 abstentions.


EU Strategy on Health and Safety at work 2007-2012

Brussels, 21 February. The European Commission has unveiled its Community Strategy for health and safety at work for the period 2007-2012, the main objective of which is to reduce the incidence rate of accidents at work (by 25%) and occupational illnesses.


Eurocare Seminar in the Parliament: An Alcohol Strategy for Europe?

In January, Eurocare held a seminar in the European Parliament where representatives from the Commission, the European Parliament, the World Health Organisation and the Public Health Community met to analyse the virtues and shortcomings of the new EU Alcohol Strategy that was published by the Commission in October last year.


A Health Strategy for the European Union

Although most competence for action in the field of health is held by Member States, the EU has the responsibility, set out in article 152 of the EC Treaty, to undertake certain actions which complement the work done by Member States, for example in relation to cross border health threats, patient mobility, and reducing health inequalities.

The European Commission is currently developing a new Health Strategy which it aims to adopt in summer 2007. This Strategy aims to provide, an overarching strategic framework spanning core issues in health as well as health in all policies and global health issues. The Strategy aims to set clear objectives to guide future work on health at the European level, and to put in place implementation mechanisms to achieve those objectives, working in partnership with Member States.

In order to draft the Strategy, the European Commission launched a consultation on how to prioritise the actions. Specific indicators for performance and tools that are most appropriate to attain the objectives included in the strategy were also in the questionnaire