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UK ‘Cheap Alcohol’ report prompts SHAAP demands for action

A report published yesterday by the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA), Cheap alcohol: the price we pay”, provides evidence that alcohol can be purchased for as little as 18p per unit in Scotland (3L ‘White Ace’ cider).


7th European Alcohol Policy Conference

***New: workshop by the World Health Organization. See also details of side events.***

On behalf of the Ministry of Health in Slovenia and of the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare), it is with great pleasure that we invite you to register to attend the 7th European Alcohol Policy Conference.


Alcohol sold at pocket money prices: cost of cinema ticket buys 7½ litres strong white cider

Research released today shows there is an abundance of high strength alcohol sold for pocket money prices in shops and supermarkets across the UK.


WHO: new report on alcohol-attributable deaths

For the first time, trends in alcohol consumption and related mortality have been examined systematically for all countries in the WHO European Region for an extended period.


Alcohol consumption of adults in Germany: harmful drinking quantities, consequences and measures

Published through the Journal of Health Monitoring, new research from Germany looks into the data from the recurrent health surveys by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) to find trends of harmful alcohol consumption in the population aged 25 to 69 between 1990/1992, 1997/1999, and 2008/2011.


The methods of the alcohol lobby

In France, few topics in public health are as complex as alcohol consumption. Such complexity leads to multiple perspectives, where the alcohol lobby representatives often see health consequences as nothing more than an obstacle to be overcome.


3 steps towards healthier marketing

The current revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) is the opportunity to free Europe’s children and youth from health-harmful marketing. Undersigned organisations call on Members of the European Parliament to grasp this opportunity and improve the Directive.


A call to free Europe’s youth from health-harmful marketing

Today, nearly 40 childrens’ rights, family, consumer, public health, alcohol control, and medical organisations launched a joint call to Members of the European Parliament for ambitious action to free Europe’s children, youth and parents from aggressive marketing of products harmful to health and future well-being.


France: the alcohol industry lobby against public health

Published earlier this year by Alcoologie et Addictologie, an article written by Basset and Rigaud (2016) discusses how the lobby of the alcohol industry in France is constantly attacking public health.


ESPAD Report 2015

Teenage drinking and smoking down, but concerns posed by new drugs and new addictive behaviours.