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The European commission believes the EU makes too much low quality wine: The reform of the wine sector

In recent years the EU - including Bulgaria and Romania - has produced approximately 180 million hectolitres of wine, creating a surplus of 22 million hectolitres. This surplus looks set to increase since European producers have steadily lost market share to New World competitors such as Australia and Chile (the demand for European wine is declining by a steady 0.65 per cent while imports are on the rise).


Commission to break budget on wine subsidies

The European Commission is predicting that it will spend almost EUR87m more than the EUR1.5bn budgeted for 2006 wine production subsidies.


Switzerland – Swiss sports Minister calls for more action over hooligans

Swiss Sports Minister, Samuel Schmid, said he favoured a ban on alcohol around stadiums and extra security measures during Euro 2008, which is being jointly hosted by Switzerland and Austria.


IOGT World Conference. Basel-Münchenstein (Switzerland). 29 July - 5 August 2006

For more information concerning the content and the practical information on the conference visit


Mental health on the EU agenda

On 14 October 2005, the European Commission adopted a Green Paper on Mental Health to tackle mental illnesses which now affect over one in four adults in the European Union. We cannot look at mental health problems in isolation from the use of alcohol.


Ireland - Alcohol's role in suicide highlighted

Figures have shown that over 90% of young men who committed suicide in one of the regions of Ireland had alcohol in their system. According to GPs, 20% of their patients who have died as a result of suicide had a history of alcohol abuse.


Health claims: European Parliament votes through compromise

On the 16 May the European Parliament voted through a compromise to the controversial Health and Nutrition Claims.


Bridging the Gap meeting in Barcelona from 11th until 13th May 2006

With the second and last Bridging the Gap (BtG) meeting in Barcelona the project has reached another important milestone. Approximately 60 members of the network attended this meeting, which was organized by the Department of Health of the government of Catalonia in Spain.


Conference: The impact of Alcohol on HIV/Aids and Poverty. What does it mean on the level of intervention?

The International Federation of the Blue Cross is organising a conference on “The impact of Alcohol on HIV/Aids and Poverty”.


EUROCARE response to the Commission Consultation paper on labelling

In February 2006, the Commission issued a Consultation on labelling that included a section on labelling of alcoholic beverages.