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Commission proposes increases of minimum rates

Brussels, 8 September. The European Commission has announced the adoption of a proposal to raise minimum rates of excise duties on alcohol and alcoholic beverages.


UK - Alcohol Deaths Double

Shocking Government figures released last July revealed that the number of deaths directly linked to alcohol has more than doubled in the UK in the last decade, from 6.9 to 13.0 deaths per 100,000 population (i.e. from 4,144 deaths in 1991, to 8,380 in 2004).


RAND Corporation Report: An Ex Ante Assessment of the Economic Impacts of EU Alcohol Policies.

This report examines the nature and extent of the problem posed by alcohol use in Europe and develops a conceptual approach that discusses how alcohol use is linked to macroeconomic development.


Development of Country-wide Strategies for Implementing Early Identification and Brief Intervention in Primary Health Care - WHO Collaborative Project -

WHO have posted a Report on its website that represents the culmination of 25 years of research in the WHO Collaborative Project on Identification and Management of Alcohol-related Problems in Primary Health Care.


Study Concludes That Alcohol Industry Has Compelling Financial Interest in Underage Drinking

"Early initiation of alcohol use provides substantial financial value to the alcohol industry," according to an analysis of the quantity and cash value of drinking in the United States.


The EU Confederation of Food and Drink Industries (CIAA) unveils voluntary labelling scheme

At the time when an EU Directive to enforce nutritional labelling is being considered by the EU's legislative bodies, CIAA – the EU Confederation of Food and Drink Industries - has announced last 4 July an agreement on a voluntary Scheme for providing nutrition labelling on drinks sold in the EU . The labels will include nutrients, nutrition content per drink and guidelines for daily amounts (GDAs).


Alcohol high on the agenda of the Finnish EU Presidency

Finnish Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen, expressed his wish to reach an agreement with the other EU Member States to raise the EU minimum tax on spirits and beer during the Finnish presidency of the EU, starting 1 July.


EU grants for promoting wine sales within the EU

The European Commission has decided to award grants for promoting wine sales within the EU to Spain and Hungary for the next three years.


Austria: Media campaign ‘Moderation means more fun'

The Fund for a Healthy Austria has launched a nation-wide information campaign on youth and alcohol under the slogan Moderation Means More Fun!.


Second Eurocare Bridging the Gap Conference. Helsinki 20-22 November 2006.

The Second Eurocare Bridging the Gap Conference will take place in Helsinki on the 20-22 November 2006.