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Diageo teams up with UberEats

Diageo announced today that retailers will be able to order alcoholic beverages through the UberEats app.


EU countries dominate beer-drinking rankings

A new beer study has found that EU countries rank highly on both beer-drinking, and beer expenditure.


Big Alcohol talks big on reducing harmful drinking

Big Alcohol's attempts to address harmful drinking are assessed in a long-form article, written by Miriam Shuchman.


Positive changes in Polish alcohol legislation

Polish local authorities are to be given powers to restrict availability of alcohol from 2018.


Canadian experiment on alcohol labelling ended early

A Canadian research project into the effectiveness of warning labels on alcoholic beverages was cancelled in its first month, despite a planned 8-month duration.


Finnish parliament liberalises alcohol sales

On Friday 15th December, Finland's parliament voted to allow stronger alcoholic drinks to be sold in grocery stores.


OECD Health at a Glance 2017 report's alcohol findings

The OECD Health at a Glance reports provide a comparative study of OECD countries’ health status and health system performance.


Baltic Health Ministers act together on alcohol

On Friday 8th December, health ministers from the three Baltic countries signed a joint memorandum enshrining their common intent to develop alcohol and tobacco policies, as well as those promoting healthy eating habits.


Does Juncker's Commission have the courage to work on alcohol?

European Alcohol Policy Alliance applauds the Estonian Presidency’s courage and persistence that led to the adoption of the Council Conclusions on Cross-border aspects in alcohol policy – tackling harmful use of alcohol.


STAP Press Release

In 2016 almost 25,000 alcohol related emergency room visits in the Netherlands