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Local Health Authority 10 “Veneto Orientale”, - Veneto Region

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Role in the project

Associated partner, work package leader for wp

The Local Health Authority nr 10 is part of the health system of Veneto Region. It has the policy making authority in its territory and is also involved in the regional policy formulation process. It offers a full range of primary and secondary care services as well as social services. It comprises 3 Hospitals and 3 health and social districts that serve a population of 210.000 inhabitants.

The Department of Health Prevention, involved in EWA project offers a full range of services related to public health and health education including health in the workplaces. In this project It works in close collaboration with the Service of Dependencies’.

Contact information

Silva Mitro:

Country team members

Giorgio Cipolla, overall activity coordination:

Silva Mitro, project management:

Roberto Giusto,training and awarness activities involved in the pilot studies

Other specialized staff will be involved during pilot implementation of the pilot interventions as needed.


Country Implementation

Cases studies

Italy Country Description

Italy Case I ASI

Italy Case II ASVO

Pilot studies

Awareness Raising

Materiale di Informazione e Sensibilizzazione su "alcol e luogo di lavoro" per i lavoratior - view presentation

Zero alcol sul Lavoro La sicurezza - view leaflet


Materiale di Formazione su "alcol e luogo di lavoro" per i preposti - view presentation


Materials Developed