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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH

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Role in the project

Associated Partner

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, also known as FIOH, is a research and specialist organization in the field of occupational health and safety. The Institute’s goal is to promote the work ability, functional capacity and overall health of the working population in Finland, and to enhance their quality of life.

Contact information

Address: Topeliuksenkatu 41 aA, FI-00250 Helsinki

tel: +358304741

fax: +358304742552

Country team members

Kauppinen, Kaisa, researcher, specialist in gender issues at work.


Country Implementation

Work plan

The country report Finland has been produced and a case study of The City of Helsinki. Finland is typically a beer drinking country. There is also a clear gender difference in drinking habits and preferences. Estonia has been a sub-contracted partner. The country report Estonia was produced. According to the country report Estonia belongs to the countries with high risks connected with alcohol consumption.

Cases studies

The City of Helsinki is Finland's biggest employer, with close to 40,000 workers. The Occupational Health Centre offers comprehensive and preventive services that promote employees' wellbeing at work ( The City of Helsinki has an Alcohol Policy - in Finnish 'Päihdeohjelma' which translates into English as a Policy on Intoxicant Substances. Work and Health Survey is administrated every second year to all employees in the City of Helsinki. The survey includes AUDIT-C questions about the use of alcohol.

Pilot studies

FIOH will not participate in pilot studies



Alco Inc is an independent limited company wholly owned by the Finnish Government and administered and supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

The A-clinic foundation operates to reduce alcohol, drug and other addiction problems

Association for Healthy Lifestyles

National Institute for Health and Welfare


Health Board in Estonia

Health Development Institute