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Policy recommendations

Policy Recommendations

EWA policy rec

Findings and evidence from the EWA project, including its review of the state of the art, case studies and pilot actions, inform EWA’s key recommendations at EU, national, regional and company/organisation levels. Alcohol policy should be a key priority for European, national, regional and public health agendas and EWA restates the importance of pursuing existing evidence-based recommendations, policies and laws to reduce alcohol consumption and harm, including advertising bans, taxation, minimum pricing and health information labels.

Recommendations for EU, national and regional policy-makers

  • public health policy and action should include a focus on workplaces as a setting for alcohol-related health promotion and support the widespread deployment of comprehensive alcohol policies;
  • alcohol policy should incorporate raising awareness amongst companies/organisations and their representative bodies about the considerable impact that alcohol can have on safety, performance, productivity and reputation, and promote “alcohol free” workplaces – where possible working with companies and organisations to utilise peer to peer methods of engagement.

EWA also recommends that companies and organisations should:

  • adopt a comprehensive, written, alcohol workplace policy – for long-term impact;
  • implement health-related alcohol programmes, as comprehensively as resources allow – including as part of a wider health and well-being agenda;
  • pro-actively make their workplaces “alcohol free”;
  • review working practices and management styles that can cause stress and perpetuate or worsen heavy drinking;
  • where they have experience of alcohol policies and interventions, consider acting as “champions” to engage other companies and organisations;
  • utilise the EWA toolkit as good practice guidance for workplace policies and practice.

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