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Vereniging voor Alcohol-en Andere Drugproblemen vzw (VAD)

VAD is the Dutch acronym for "Association for Alcohol and other Drug problems". VAD is an umbrella organisation that brings together most of the organisations active in Flanders in the field of alcohol and other drug problems. Some of VAD member organisations are involved in research while others are engaged in prevention and take care of support, assistance and treatment. VAD is acknowledged by the Flemish government and is part of the VIG, which is the Dutch acronym for the Flemish Institute for the Promotion of Health. Aims and objectives One of the aims of VAD is to ensure that that all studies, prevention work and aid associated with drug, medication and alcohol related abuse is channelled in the right direction. The problematic nature of alcohol and drug abuse is comprehensive and complicated. Consequently, an ideal formula for efficient alcohol and drug abuse prevention is non-existent. We are convinced, however, that prevention efforts should work their way through all layers and sectors of society. VAD is therefore working out a comprehensive prevention policy. In other words, VAD provides harmony, method and organisation. After all, in order to develop an efficient local approach an extensive strategy is required. The large wheel is responsible for the turning of numerous tiny cogs. Moreover, prevention work is active in many areas. In youth centres, in education, in the workplace, in special child welfare... The various organisations undertaking efforts in these fields can in turn rely on the support and advice offered by VAD staff members. VAD provides:

  • a tightly-knit network of prevention workers
  • excellent co-operation with the various mediators
  • training and education as well as the co-ordination of both of these activities
  • information through various channels
  • elaboration, distribution, implementation and the testing out of new prevention models and concepts
  • a warning function towards government bodies regarding problem areas in the sector

Treatment: Someone faced with alcohol or other drug abuse problems can count on various forms of help. Beginning with the easily accessible up to specialised assistance. VAD makes sure that all these structures and standards are part of the same geared system. Thanks to its outstanding ability in this field VAD can:

  • offer a platform for discussion and consultation. In this way, experiences can be exchanged and new developments in particular fields can be passed on.
  • stimulate and support networking
  • provide training and schooling, as well as the co-ordination of both: basic training sessions for candidate workers in the drug field, specialised seminars and even tailor-made courses.
  • follow new developments and constantly take advantage of them. These innovations could be related to matters of policy or patterns of use and treatment procedures.

Study and Research: Vad

  • carries out a considerable amount of study and research work and shortcomings
  • stimulates studies and research by remaining in close contact with universities and research institutions
  • alerts the government and other official departments of problem areas by identifying these and presenting a platform for solutions
  • keeps a close watch on the efficiency of prevention and treatment
  • urges the authorities involved to make use of clear and straightforward registration methods
  • annually publishes substantial numerical data concerning alcohol and other drug problems

De Druglijn is a telephone helpline for all questions or problems relating to alcohol, drugs or medicines. On working days from 12 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Dial the free-phone number 078/151020. The questions asked provide VAD information about new trends in the use of drugs, about the most common problems etc. Four regular staff members and fifteen volunteers man the Drugline telephones. Documentation: One of the main roles of the VAD is to provide information. The VAD is therefore a rich documentation resource.

  • On Tuesday and Wednesday the specialised library is open from 10 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. The library contains an extensive collection of general and specific publications dealing with alcohol and other drug problems. The library itself is part of an international network of libraries, allowing consultation of specific information resources (e.g. the Dutch Trimbos Institute). The library does of course subscribe to various professional journals. Call the VAD secretary during office hours for more information: tel. 02/4230333
  • The VAD referral guide tells you everything about support assistance in Flanders:the organisations, addresses and so forth.
  • The documentation brochure provides a summary of available goods such as posters, folders, teaching packages, promotion material and publications. It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to set up an activity all by themselves.
  • The VAD Druglijn promotion stand can be lent out for use in prevention activities and campaigns. This expresses many facts and suggestions in an amusing way.

Training: VAD training programmes are aimed at prevention and guidance workers. They provide participants with the necessary know-how to effectively cope with problems associated with drugs. VAD counts with a group of skilled trainers with specific expertise of alcohol and drug related problems.