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Wim van Dalen

Postbus 8181
3503 RD Utrecht

Tel: +31 30-6565041
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STAP (Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy)

Objectives and aims

STAP is a national, independent non for profit organisation. It was established in 1994 and it advocates effective alcohol control policies and greater restrictions on alcohol marketing. It works towards the dissemination of objective information about the health and social effects of alcohol consumption.

Main activities

Monitoring alcohol advertising. Informing press and other news media, and politicians about alcohol related problems.
Prevention project for parents.
Prevention project Alcohol and Pregnancy.
Policy advice for local governments.

Articles and Publications

STAP (2005) Heineken marketing philosophy. Report of a lecture

STAP (2003) Don't ask a bird to clip its own wings. Analysis of self regulation of alcohol marketing in the Netherlands. Editors Wim van Dalen and Monique Kuunders

Dalen, W.E. van (2000) Alcohol marketing in the Netherlands. Dutch Foundation for Alcohol Prevention